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The 23 Pro Series arrows are a step up from our previous Pro 300 Series in many ways.

Made from the finest Japanese carbon fibre for strength and durability, the straightness is better and more consistent shaft to shaft. We are introducing this shaft with a 300 spine at 8.1 GPI , 350 spine at 7.6 GPI and a 400 spine at 6.4 GPI.


This shaft is ideal for the competitive 3D Shooter and Field Archer, this is a high quality shaft which will give you down range accuracy, shot after shot .


Components supplied with each set of  23 Pro’s shafts include, a choice of 100 grain or 80 grain glue in Stainless Steel nibs. Also supplied are nock collars which will house a standard .246 nock ( nocks not included ). We suggest using either standard .246 Gold Tip nocks or Bohning Blazer nocks


NOTE: When ordering please nominate what weight nibs you require.


Sold in sets of dozens (12 units)


Let the Native 23 Pro Series  guide you to your next perfect score!


Please note: All prices are subject to change without prior notice due to currency fluctuation.

Native 23 Pro Series

  • The Native 23 Pro 300 Target shafts have the following specs

    •300 spine =8.1 grains per inch

    •350 spine =7.6 grains per inch

    •400 spine = 6.4 grains per inch

    •+/- 0.001 Straightness total

    •.300 /350 / 400 Spine deflection

    •.359 Inside diameter 

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